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Wiki rules

Page history last edited by Andrea Grieser 14 years, 5 months ago

This wiki will provide us with a great way to keep all the material we learn in one place.  It will be helpful when it comes time to review for SOLs or finals, as well as when you do homework.


However, participating in a wiki requires some responsibility on your part.  Here are our wiki rules:


  • Sign in using the assigned user id and password you were given.  This will allow you to read and edit the wiki. 
  • In your postings, do not put your name or other identifying characteristics in your text.  Do not upload pictures of yourself, your family, your friends, your classmates, or anyone else that might identify you.  This wiki will appear anonymous to anyone who views it from the outside.  This is for your protection!
  • All content must use correct English grammar.  Do not use acronym abbreviations that are commonly found on the internet or used when texting (such as LOL).  This wiki needs to be readable, and therefore must use correct English.  If you find such errors in the wiki, correct them!  
  • All content must use appropriate language.  Foul language, abuse towards another student, or a post that is deemed inappropriate in any way (and Mrs. G. gets to make that call) will be deleted, and the poster will lose wiki privileges, and, depending on the offense, may find further recrimination (that is, you are in trouble!). 


These rules are in place for your safety as well as to make our wiki a pleasant environment for all. 


All students who wish to use this wiki, must abide by the pledge found here


The LCPS acceptable use policy is found here.

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